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Meet the team

Emerald, Aida and Des of Drury Motorcycle Performance Centre

From left: Emerald, Aida and Des

A Family Business keeping Motorcyclists safe this summer.

With only two wheels holding you to the ground it is vital that your motorcycle tyres, brakes and shocks are in good condition.

Des and Aida have been running Drury Performance Centre for the past 2 years. It was purchased from an original family business, Drury Tires.

Des is at the helm and with a lifetime’s experience behind him in the motorcycle industry, so he can sort most technical and safety issues promptly.

Des has worked in some of the largest motorcycle tyre shops in New Zealand. Daughter Emerald meets and greets the bikers as they come in with a friendly smile and ensures that all the paperwork is up to speed in the office.

The business is officially called Drury Motorcycle Performance Centre, but will be also be known as Drury Motorcycles, to keep it short.

As a Family business Des, Aida and Emerald are very big on putting safety first, doing full safety checks before each bike leaves. If new tyres are fitted, every motorcycle has a temporary warning sticker placed on it, advising the riders to take it easy on the new tyres for the first 100 km. New motorcycle tyres need to be broken in.

Des, Aida and Emerald absolutely love motorcycles, from Vintage classics through to big-bored Harleys, so as the sign says on their main door, they welcome all motorcycle enthusiasts. They are also very keen to work on Dirt bikes and Quads ensuring the local farming community and Enduro riders are also kept safe.

Safety is paramount. In fact, it is much more important than profits, says Aida.

Des and Aida will never turn away anyone’s machine providing it is fit for the road. Each bike they work on is signed off by Des and he will not put his name next to a machine that should not be ridden on our roads.

Des, Aida and Emerald will not stock and sell open face helmets, as they may look cool but the truth is they only do ½ the job of protecting your head. They also don’t sell fingerless gloves as they fail to protect your fingers.

Keep yourself safe this summer and bring your ride into Drury Motorcycles for a free 12-point safety check.